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The Money Manager Program seeks to connect with motivated, professional Forex money managers to develop strong and successful partnerships. Qualified money managers will find market technology, in combination with customized back office support, provides the ideal foundation to build a strong successful business:

Add unlimited number of accounts to the money manager group
Flexible leverage options
Percent allocation and lot allocation options
Custom back office reporting tools to see performance
API and FIX integration for traders developing custom strategies
Back office reporting tools for the clients to see performance

Benefits of Money Manager

Flexible fee structures -
Develop a personalized fee structure on a per client basis. A transactional, management, or performance based fee can also be implemented at your discretion.

Reporting features -
Accessible online, the system automatically journals percentages of the transactions from the master account into the client's sub accounts at the close of each trade.

Sophisticated Trading Platforms -
A full suite of decision support tools, from charting to research, news and more, is also included.

Dedicated Back-Office Support -
Our organization oversees end of month customer statements, pip and dollar commission reporting, volume and partner revenue reporting, automated lead generation reporting, and many other functions.

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