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White Labels

Partial White Label
No license is required. A fully branded platform in the name of the white label company is provided. This the Easiest White Label Solution to Set Up for a new start up. Our dedicated and experienced team will handle and process all client deposits, due diligence, and applications/paperwork.

Full White Label (Money Manager)
This feature suits, IB's with managed account customers only. You will require a special license to take deposits. This type of white label includes a White Label platform, option of taking deposits from directly from clients, and complete privacy between clients and the brokerage firm. IB can perform due diligence if desired.

Who can be a White Label partner
Financial Services Firms 
that want to move their trading operation online quickly and cost effectively or establish a new brokerage division; for example, banks, insurance companies, stock or futures brokerage firms, etc.

Trading Firms and/or Online Brokers 
that want to offer a greater range of products to their customers. By expanding into the fastest growing financial market around (foreign exchange), clients will be provided with a great value-added service, while increasing the profitability of the firm.

Take Advantage of our Program ?
No Up Front Cost
Take Advantage of Powerful, Easy-to-use Trading Technology and 24-hour and Straight Through Processing (STP) at No Risk to partner.
Get Started Quickly!
Establish a Revenue Stream with Little or No Up Front Cost.
Online Access to Customer Reporting.
Receive All Software Upgrades and Updates at No Extra Cost.

Advantages of White Labels
Own product line– instantly  
No need to spend valuable time defining, building, testing, hosting, and going through certification for these products. Get solutions that look, act, and feel like designed by partner.

Build brand identity  
Every time a merchant or sales agent logs on, partner logo, partner colors, partner font, partner brand is seen.
Quick time to market
Partner does not have to go through the software development cycle and all the complexities of integration and certification–and don’t have to worry about building and managing a secure, reliable data center.
Trusted reliability
Our 24-hour security monitoring and fail-over for disaster control along with our reliable web-based software applications ensure that your merchants can process their payments 24/7/365.
Our solutions carefully architects and monitors the software, database, and hardware configurations to ensure that no matter how many merchants are there and no matter how many transactions are processed, the payments are processed instantly.
Turnkey sales tools
Equip the sales team with tools that makes the sales process easy to manage. A white labeled online application and branded merchant statements reduces paperwork and minimizes management overhead.
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